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If You’re A Baby Boomer, You’ll Definitely Remember These Home Trends

Advances in materials and production after WWII changed how and what our furnishings were made of. We went from enameled table tops to Formica, from lace curtains to barkcloth. The character of the Mid-century home became unmistakeable as the new modern designs had a look all their own. These often-kitschy trends may have been imitated, but you had to be there the first time to see them in all their glory! Whether you loved these trends or found them tacky, we hope you’ll enjoy this trip back through the rooms of the past.

1. Shag Carpets

There was a time, not so long ago, when a shag rug was the height of style and home fashion. The long fibers looked luxurious and beautifully framed clean-lined furniture. Of course, you may have other memories of shag carpet involving gum sticking in the long strands or perhaps the muted earth tones shag rugs so often came in. Whether you loved or loathed this trend, there is nothing more iconic of the late 1960s and 70s than shag carpets!

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