Holidays And Healthy Eating: 5 Ways To Avoid Sabotage And Still Enjoy Yourself

4. Use a smaller plate.

When a table is decorated so nicely, with beautiful chargers and dinner plates flanked by festive napkins and fine silverware, it’s easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit and fill those large plates with food. If you can, use a smaller plate, like a salad plate, for your main meal. You can still enjoy the wonderful food without sabotaging a healthy eating plan. Look for leafy greens and vegetables first, then lean proteins and be sure to save room for some mashed potatoes, but a modest scoop rather than a heaping pile.

5. Choose wisely and plan your indulgences.

Fill your plate with leafy greens, veggies, and lean protein first. You don’t have to skip the mashed potatoes and stuffing, but do manage portions of high-calorie comfort foods. Get into the kitchen and help cook or offer to bring a healthy dish to the party, one that you know will help you make better choices when it comes to the buffet table. If your aunt’s pecan pie is on the menu, be sure to leave some room! The holiday season is meant to be enjoyed and part of the experience is to gather with family and friends around a table filled with good food and good times.

A healthy lifestyle can fit into the season of indulgences, with the right planning and choices to guide you along the way. Set yourself up well for any New Year’s resolutions by sticking to a healthy eating plan over the holidays. Rather than making “eating better” and “getting in shape” a regular line item on that resolution list, maintain healthy choices through the holidays in order to leave room open for more fun resolutions, like travel or signing up for your first 5k race.

Always consut with a healthcare professional before beginning a diet and/or exercise program.

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