All too often, we can take for granted the thoughtfulness and dedication it takes to create lasting images. Whether it’s famous logos like Google or famous paintings like The Last Supper. Each is a masterpiece in its own right. It might not come as a surprise to you that everything an artist does is with intention, but some people really go above and beyond with hidden details and secret messages.

The Google logo, for example, is brilliant because of its simplicity. The bright bold colors and easy to read, sans serif font that was specifically created just for Google are just a few of the many details that went into this design. There is something else though… the spacing between the letters. This is referred to as “kerning” in the world of typography. The distance is measured in pixels, and as you can see, the spacing is unique between the letters! That requires a ton of insight and a keen eye to get it just right. This helps make it more difficult to copy the design as well. Brilliant!

You probably recognize this famous painting by Leonardo Di Vinci. There is a working theory that the positions of the loaves of bread in each of the Apostles hands represents a music note, with the lines of the table being the score. This was discovered by a famous Italian musician, Giovanni Maria Pala. While there aren’t any confirmations (seeing as the artist himself is long gone), several research papers and books have been written on the topic.

Artist Michelangelo snuck in a little “screw you” to the Catholic church when he painted the famous Creation of Adam. What, exactly, did he hid in his painting? You’ll notice that God is enclosed in an odd shape – some think it’s a shell. But notice the shape of said shell. It looks an awful lot like the human brain! Some people think this is Michelangelo’s way of saying God and science don’t have to be at odds, ergo, flipping the proverbial bird at the Catholic church’s denial of the scientific method.

Watch the video below for even more amazing details and secret messages hidden in famous designs!