Isn’t this succulent heart just adorable? I absolutely love how this project turned out, and just in time for Valentine’s Day! Of course, since these succulent cuttings are live, this heart will last all year! This living floral arrangement is the perfect decor or gift, and it’s so easy to do yourself.

Star off with a heart shaped topiary. In the video, they suggest shopping around at your local garden store for a topiary. Make sure it’s made out of sphagnum moss, as that is the preferred moss for succulents. It absorbs and disperses moisture quickly, so your succulents don’t rot!

The first step is to submerge the topiary in water, and then let drip dry for about thirty minutes. Then, taking a screw driver or another pointed object, make holes in the moss and insert your succulent cuttings. It’s important to use cuttings that have callused over, otherwise the fresh cuttings will take in too much water and the plant will likely rot.

Just keep poking holes and aranging your cuttings until you’re satisfied with the final product! This will last a few weeks without you needing to water it. Once it’s time to water, simply put the topiary in the sink and run the faucet for a few minutes. It doesn’t take long for the moss to absorb water.

Get even more ideas and tips from the video below!