These Hanging Candles Are The Perfect Accessory For Any Haunted House!

hanging candles
Do you love all things Halloween? We have the perfect craft for you! These magic floating candles are super simple to make, and they look awesome. Plus, they are perfect for anyone with small children who might be afraid of scary decorations. For a creepier version, you could use red paint to drip dry instead of white paint. Check out the video below and get inspired to make your own candles. Don’t forget to double check the supplies and instructions below the video. Happy Halloween!

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– Paper towel and/or toilet paper rolls

– White paint

– Hot glue

– LED tea lights

– String / fishing wire

– White paper

– Tub (for paint)

– Scissors

– Push pin / needle


1. Cut the tube down to size, consider having varying heights of candles.

2. Paint the tubes white, let dry.

3. Once dry, drip hot glue around one of the open ends of the tube, to look like melting candle wax. Dip the glue end in a tub of white paint and let the paint drip down below the hot glue drips.

4. Poke a hole on opposite sides of the top of the tube, about one inch below the top and thread fishing wire through. Tie ends in a knot in the desired length. Rest LED light on the thread, and hang up!

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