The Easiest Way To Clean Your Glue Gun

This is one of the best cleaning hacks I’ve seen in a while!

If you use your glue gun as much as we do, chances are it’s pretty gross. Caked in dried glue, fuzz, glitter, and other anonymous craft projects, the glue gun is always the last thing we think about cleaning after a long day in the Crafty House studio. We’ve tried a few different methods but everything was either non-effective or required lots of time and scrubbing power. We’re all about the quick clean up around here, that way there’s more time to craft! We came across this glue gun hack and just had to try it out for ourselves.

All you need for this easy cleaning method is your glue gun and some aluminum foil. That’s it! Wrap the foil around the tip of your glue gun (or around the whole thing if you’re really messy like us), plug it in, and let the whole thing heat up. The foil heats up the dried glue on the body of the glue gun. Leave it plugged in for a few minutes, and then unwrap the foil and use it to scrape everything off. Trust us – this stuff just wipes away after being heated up! See our quick little tutorial below on how to clean your glue gun and go ahead and try this hack out for yourself. Happy crafting, friends!