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With Some Squares of Fabric and a Few Nifty Cuts, He Makes a Masterpiece!


We know you are all going to get geared up over today’s quilt tutorial! This quilt is from our friend Rob at Man Sewing and it is called The Gears Quilt which, before you get too nervous, this is really just a twist on the traditional broken dishes pattern using a die cut appliqué.

While this is an easy tutorial and Rob breaks it all down for us (pun not intended!), this quilt will put your quilting skills and techniques to the test, but in the best way possible, of course!

We can not wait to see how this quilt gets the gears turning in your mind and sewing room; we just know you are going to have a blast working on this one, while also being challenged as talented quilters, so please be sure to share your finished project! Happy quilting!

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