He Takes A Quilting Staple and Makes Something Everyone Needs!

You’ll Never Guess What Quilting Staple You Can Use To Make This Project!

Rob Appell does it again, folks – that is why Man Sewing is the absolute best! – and takes an ordinary quilting item and transforms it into this handy object that we use everyday. We have already shown you how to make your own ironing board, but this is an updated version that allows you to make your own accordion ironing board, so you can fold that bad boy up and take it with you on the go!

You will have to watch the video to find out what the secret material is, but trust us when we say it is an absolute game-changer…and YAY for repurposing trash-bound materials into something essential (and portable)! We love a good project that simplifies our busy day and makes our lives just a little bit easier, and this knock-out does both those things!