Think Wreaths Are Just A Christmas Thing? This Beautiful Yarn Wreath Will Change Your Mind!

The best part about it is how versatile it is; it’s like a blank canvas!

We have some majorly awesome and talented crafty friends and we are excited to say that Emi from Hectanooga1 is here with another great tutorial for us today!

This time, she shows us how to make a gorgeous Yarn Wreath. Now before you start thinking we are in the wrong season for a beautiful wreath hanging on the door, this wreath is so simple, and yet so elegant. But really, the best part about it is how versatile it is; it is like a blank canvas, waiting for your creativity to turn it into something even more beautiful! Whether you want to make a holiday-themed version, make one to match any (and every) season, or give them away as gifts, you can’t go wrong with this project.

See why we’re such fans of it in the following tutorial, and give it a try! When you’re done, show us how yours turned out!