Let’s Work On Those Free Motion Quilting Feathers!

The skills and drills needed when stitching feather designs.

When it comes to the free motion quilting community, we know controversy when we see it: feathers. Some people love the free motion feather design and some maybe not so much, but this tutorial from Rob at Man Sewing is perfect for those of you looking to really get a hand on this technique!

We know feathers can be complicated but Rob walks us through a few different techniques, tips, skills and drills that we can all practice for the next time we want to use this free motion quilting design.

As they say, practice makes perfect and we are excited to get back to the machine and really start practicing and perfecting this skill set!

Now it is your turn to tell us: when it comes to the free motion feathers, do you love ‘em or do you hate ‘em?