Tutorial: Learn How To Crochet This Beautiful Flat Star Flower!

We think this is a project that’s pretty enough to crochet just for fun!

Isn’t it great when you can crochet something that you get practical, everyday use out of? We know we love being able to say “yeah, we made that and use it every day!”

But, with that said, there is also something to be said about crocheting something just for the fun of the process of making it; as is the case with this crochet flat star flower! Sure, you could absolutely use it as an embellishment for a number of projects, but we think this is a project that is pretty enough to crochet just for fun!

Check out the following tutorial from SheruKnitting to learn how to make your very own beautiful flat star flower! When you are done, be sure to take a picture to show us how you made it your own! Oh and don’t forget, happy crocheting!