Find Your New Favorite Pen And Journal Here!

There’s something for every writer on this list!

As writers, we require a lot of pens and a fair amount of notebooks and journals. We tend to be a little picky when it comes to our pen and paper choices; after all, any old pen just won’t do! We’ve got a ton of options to choose from on this list, from ballpoint to fountain and everything in between. We’ve also picked out a few of our favorite journals, each one specific to the occasion. Go ahead and pick out your next pen and journal set… treat yourself!

Leather Bound Notebook

Stick with the classics with this durable, quality, leather bound notebook.

Fountain Pen

As long as you’re sticking with the classics, you might as well get this fountain pen. Did we mention it has a fine nib? Oh yeah.

Calligraphy Pen Set

This pen set might not be for your every day writing (unless you’re a super over achiever), but it would be great for special occasions! You could write out your favorite quotes on life and writing and hang them up around your desk to inspire you to fight the good fight, or, more accurately, write the good write.

Bamboo Ballpoint Pen

If fountain pens aren’t your thing, try out this bamboo ballpoint pen set. I love the case it comes with!

Plume Pen & Base

For the ultra fancy pants writer, we present: The Plume Pen. Complete with a feather to stick in your… bonnet.

Hardcore Military Pen

Just in case you find yourself writing in extreme circumstances, use this tactical military pen. Atually, come to think of it, this would be a great pen for field reporter!

Engraved Pen Set

This custom engraved pen set is the perfect gift for every writer!

Metal Snake Pen

Are you a fantasy or horror writer? This is absolutely the pen for you. Look deep into the snake’s eyes, and buy this pen… sssplendid!

Golden Pen

I’ve got the golden ticket, yes I’ve got the golden… pen. You can get it too, right here.

Nautical Leather Notebook

How fun is this notebook?! I’ve found my new favorite journal!

Leather Leaf Journal

I love this journal. There’s just something about fall colors and leaves that put me in the mood to write!

Watercolor Mini Journals

These mini journals are the perfect size to carry around in your purse or backpack to take notes and jot down ideas throughout the day. Every writer knows to draw inspiration from every day life, and what better way that with these adorable notebooks?

Map Leather Journal

This unique and beautiful journal is perfect for any travel writer!

Meta Writing Journal

This is my current journal, and I must say, I have loved it! I’m almost to the end though, and I’ll need to find a new one.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!