3 Easy Nail Art Ideas That Anyone Can Do

Who knew gorgeous nails were so easy?

Geometric Nails

This fun design can be taken in a few different directions. We decided to try out a few different shapes, but you can keep things uniform by going all stripes, all triangles, etc. For starters, you’ll need two colors of nail polish, some tape, and a topcoat. You’ll paint a layer of the first color on your nails. Depending on how dark the color is, you may want to paint a second layer. Once everything is dry, cut out shapes from tape and place on your nails. We did a triangle, some stripes, and covered half of the nail at an angle. Play around with different ideas and see what you like! When the tape is in place, paint a thick layer of the second color over the nail and tape. While the polish is still wet, remove the tape to reveal the shapes in the first color. Once everything is dry, finish off with a topcoat.