How cute are these little Easter mason jars?! They make for the perfect Easter decor, and you can keep them out all throughout spring! We used ours for candy (because who doesn’t love a festive candy jar?), but you can use yours however you see fit. You could put flowers in your mason jars, use it as a pencil holder, or even put a tealight inside and have a festive luminary! The sky is the limit with this adorable craft.

You just need some mason jars (or other small jars), glue, pom poms, googly eyes, and craft foam. Oh. And don’t forget the glitter!

This project could not be easier, and I bet the kiddos would love to help out! First, paint the outside of your jar with glue. We used Mod Podge, but Elmer’s glue will work just fine. Then, start to glitter bombing the jar! We suggest using extra fine glitter.

Once everything is dry, just attach the other parts with hot glue. For the bunny, you’ll need ears and whiskers from craft foam, and pom poms for the nose and tail. For the duck, you’ll need feet and a bill from craft foam. And to top it all off, both easter jars get some really fun and funky googly eyes! See what we did in the video below and get to crafting!