He Saved This Reclaimed Wood For A Special Project – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

A gallon and a half of glue, and 600 screws later, he gets THIS!!

Isn’t this the most gorgeous butcher block work bench you’ve ever seen? This project took just over 40 hours of labor to complete. The final product used a whopping gallon and a half of wood glue, and 600 screws to complete. The wood used in this project was reclaimed from an old barn, so overall the cost was relatively inexpensive – just about $100 for this amazing workbench!

I love all of the tips and tricks we learn throughout the process in the video below! The wood came from crossbeams in an old barn, so they bowed and sagged over the years. This master woodworker has a brilliant solution to straightening out the wood! Plus, we see how to adapt to different circumstances using the tools we have – like when this craftsman realized his clamps aren’t quite long enough to fit over the entire table. In the end, it’s all a process and we learn new things with each project. Check out this amazing video from start to finish!