Make Sure To Add THIS To Your Potting Mix This Spring!

Learn how to make your own potting mix and what the most important ingredients are!

Have you ever made your own potting soil before? This is a great alternative to some of the potting mixes you can buy in stores. Not only will your own version be more affordable, but you can ensure that your ingredients are all natural and sustainable.

When finding a recipe for the perfect potting mixture, keep in mind that you want a light soil that drains well. If your soil is too heavy, or porous, it will trap water and cause seed rot. A good place to start is with compost. You can use your own compost or leaf rot, or buy some in stores.

One of the best things you can add to your DIY potting mix is coir, or coconut fiber. This is made from the husks of coconuts. It is a plentiful and sustainable alternative to peat or peat moss, which can harm fragile ecosystems when extracted, and contribute to global warming.

Most coir comes in a brick, and you should soak it in water till you are able to easily break it apart. Adding in coir is a great way to keep the potting soil light and airy. Go ahead and see what other ingredients are used in this easy DIY potting mix!

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