Anthropologie Hack: DIY Ink Stamped Bowl

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 12.05.48 PM
You won’t believe how easy it is to make your own fancy stamped clay bowls! We’ve seen similar bowls at trendy stores like Anthropologie for $20-$30! These Stamped Clay Bowls are the perfect addition to any bedside table, desk or front door, and are a beautiful spot to store your keys, hairpins or jewelry.

All you need to make them is a rolling pin, knife, sandpaper, stamps, a set of small bowls, an ink pad and some air dry clay. If you don’t have any stamps on hand, you can use anything that will make an impression in the clay – like a lace doily! You can also choose to add a gold or silver edge to your bowls for an extra bit of fanciness, or you can add varnish to them for a glossy finish. The sky is the limit with these adorable bowls!

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