DIY Heating and Cooling Pad

These two common household products are your ticket to an easy home remedy.

Experiencing some aches and pains but can’t seem to find a heating pad? The discomfort of sore or tight muscles from a bad night’s sleep or a really hard workout can get in the way of our day. We like to alternate with both hot and cold therapy to help overcome those aches and pains, and when the need arises, we like to know that relief isn’t too far away. So, when we can’t find our heating pad or ice pack, we fall back on this super handy home remedy: a DIY heating pad made out of a rice-filled sock. We’re all familiar with using both hot and cold as a pain reliever. Heat therapy increases blood flow to the affected area, which helps to soothe discomfort, while cold therapy helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

This DIY rice-sock can be used for both hot and cold, and treating our aches and pains with hot and cold therapy is one way to improve our condition. Another benefit of this as a cold pack is that you don’t have to worry about finding a plastic bag (that will inevitably leak everywhere) or digging through the freezer for a first-aid ice pack. And if you happen to have some essential oils, like lavender (a aromatherapy oil known for its relaxing properties), then you’ll also feel like you’ve given yourself a little spa treatment! Take a step towards reducing pain and increasing well being with this simple home remedy.


  • Long sock
  • Baker’s twine
  • 2 cups white rice
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • 5 drops essential oil


  1. Insert paper roll into sock and pour in rice.
  2. Tie sock with baker’s twine.
  3. Place rice-filled sock in a microwave with 1 cup of water to prevent the rice from burning. Heat for 1-3 minutes.
  4. Remove from microwave and shake to distribute heated rice.
  5. Place heating pad on affected area.
  6. For cold therapy, place rice-filled sock in a freezer for 30-40 minutes prior to use.