DIY Earring Holder

I found a simple way to keep all of my earrings organized!

One morning I was trying to finish getting ready, and found myself desperately digging through a bowl of earrings searching for its match. Suffice to say, no matter how long I dug, I still couldn’t find the mate to my favorite pair of earrings. That’s when I decided enough-was-enough; it was time to get this bowl of wayward earrings under control. I grabbed a couple supplies and in a matter of minutes, I had solved my mismatched earring problem. Here’s how I did it.

Ultimately all I needed for this was a picture frame and some felt. I tried adding a little more structure by using some cardboard, but even sturdy cardstock would work too. Now I could settle in to organizing my earrings in a far more reasonable way, and I even found the match to the earring I was searching for earlier!

As easy as it would be to order something online to help me stay earring-organized, this was fun because I was able to use some problem-solving crafting supplies to make a tiny (but super important) improvement in my life. And my earrings deserved something better than to be abandoned in a bowl that only served as a bottomless pit for lost earrings. What’s nice too is that I could customize this to suit my own style. Why live in frustration digging for mismatched earrings when a simple project to get organized is just a few minutes (and some simple craft supplies) away.

DIY Earring Holder


  • Picture frame
  • Felt
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Directions

    1. Remove backing to picture frame.
    2. Use back of frame to measure and cut felt.
    3. Hot glue the inner border of the frame.
    4. Adhere felt to back of frame.
    5. Glue a thin layer of cardboard (optional) to the back of the felt for added support.
    6. Puncture holes for earring placement.