Upgrade Your Kitty’s Favorite Box Into A Stylish Cat Tent!

cat tent
It is a well known fact that cats love boxes. I read an article once that explained how cats find the enclosed space comforting, and they are naturally drawn to spots that have well defined boundaries. When given the choice, cats would rather sit on a piece of paper than on plain carpet or a couch! Unfortunately, discarded boxes and paper don’t really fit in with my current decor, so I had to get creative with my kitty’s favorite napping spots. I found this amazingly simple tutorial on a cat tent, and I knew this was the craft project for me! With just a t-shirt, 2 wire coat hangers, and a box, this craft was so easy to assemble and I had everything on hand!

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– An empty box

– Two metal coat hangers

– An old t shirt

– Hot glue

– X-acto knife

– Wire cutters

– Pliers to bend coat hangers

– Hair tie or rubber band


If the box is closed (like the litter box) cut the front off using the X-acto knife. If you’re using a regular box, just cut off the flaps on top, so you have an open box.

Wipe out box with a damp rag to get out any dust.

Cut open the hanger near the top where the two sides of the triangle meet.

Repeat this cut on the other side of the hanger to completely remove the “bent hanger” part.

Straighten out the remaining part of the hanger, and tuck both ends into two opposite corners of your empty box.

The tension should keep the wire in place, but just to be safe, add some hot glue or duct tape to secure the hanger on both ends.

Repeat steps 3-6 for the other hanger.

Once both hangers are in place, secure the middle with some duct tape or floral wire over the section where the two hangers meet.

Slide a t-shirt over the frame, making sure the neck hole is in a position for your cat to climb in and out.

Gather the open end of the t-shirt at the back of the tent, pull tight around the frame, and secure with a hair tie or rubber band to hold in place.

Optional: paint/color/decorate the t-shirt for a more personalized cat tent experience!

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