I’ve been crocheting for almost eight years, and it has only been within the lasy six months that I finally, finally got up the courage to work on a crochet pattern for clothes. I always thought that all the shaping and moving pieces would be too complicated, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! Now I’m kicking myself for not trying a clothes pattern sooner!

Of course, like all crochet patterns, there are some clothes that will be more complicated by nature, and others that will come more easily. I always thought all clothes would be far too complicated, but it turns out most of them are quite simple!

This cardigan, for example, is mainly made up of half double and double crochets. If you know how to do those two stitches, then you can absolutely make this adorable piece of clothing! It is worked in on main piece – starting with the back – and then the sleeves are added on at the end.

This pattern is so easy to work with. You’ll start by crocheting 50 rows of half double crochet. Then, on the 51st row, you’ll work your half double crochets only halfway across, and turn your row. You’ll work an additional 50 of these half-rows. Then you’ll go back to the other half of that 51st row and work 50 more rows of half double crochets, halfway across. This gives you the back and the front two flaps. You’ll mark off for your armholes, and then fold the piece in half, slip stitching up the side of the cardigan. It might sound confusing, but the video below will show you exactly how it’s done!