These DIY Yarn Orbs Are Perfect For Your Next Party

Create Simple Decorations for Any Occasion

Jamie Petitto demonstrates how to make decorative yarn orbs with a few simple supplies. All you need is a few minutes on a free afternoon and then a few days of drying time to make these stylish, colorful decorations.

Necessary supplies include your favorite color yarn, balloons, craft glue, petroleum jelly and corn starch. Round up some scissors, rubber gloves, paintbrushes, a bowl, a whisk and a needle to complete this project. Find a workstation to hang balloons such as a ceiling fan, shower curtain or empty curtain rod in a closet. A large rag or a tarp prevents any glue from damaging your furniture or carpet. Make sure to watch the video below for the rest of the steps!

Once finished with your orbs, you can decorate them with small lights or flowery attachments. Your orbs make great conversation pieces or simple decorations for parties and gatherings.