8 Crochet Projects for Warm Weather

Enjoy Your Hobby Year-Round With These 8 Warm-Weather Crochet Patterns

Airy Tops

Plenty of airy tops feature sleeveless blouses, spaghetti strap designs and form-fitting tunics that complement several outfits while providing an extra layer of cover.


A headband comes in handy as a way to keep your hair up during hot days. This skinny headband with a flower or shell design makes a fashionable accessory for your afternoons out in the sun.

Tank Top

A knitted tank top takes a little extra effort, but it’s worth it when you realize this handmade beauty works as a main garment rather than just something to cover with on cool days. This tank top works on extra-hot days as well, whether you’re running errands or spending an afternoon in the garden.

Mesh Blouse

A mesh blouse may look complicated, but it’s really quite simple when you look at the single strands of yarn joined together in circular patterns. All you need is a small crochet hook, one color of yarn and simple crochet stitches to have an excellent cover for beginners.