12 Cool and Incredibly Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Great Tools Everyone Needs in the Kitchen

Kitchen gadgets make our lives easier, and they make cooking even more fun. Check out these 12 must-have items for your kitchen that let you prepare food like a pro.

1. Cutlery Drainer

A specialized cutlery drainer sends water from your utensils back into the sink. This saves room in your normal dish rack.

2. Hands-Off Garlic Chopper

The best hands-off garlic chopper lets you mince these stinky vegetables without getting your hands messy. Your fingertips don’t smell like you’re warding off vampires for the next week with this gadget.

3. Fruit Colander/Pitcher/Bowl

Easily wash your fruit with a bowl covered partially in a plastic mesh. The design lets you pour water easily out of the bowl without losing your fruit. It’s a combination colander, bowl and pitcher.

4. Herb Scissors

Herb scissors contain multiple blades that easily chop parsley, dill, chives and fennel into small pieces directly into a bowl. This saves your hands and prevents pieces from flying off your cutting board and onto the floor.

5. Pastry Bag

Pastry bags dispense small amounts of dough so you can easily control portion sizes for cookies and other small delights.