Do your kids have some old toys laying around or in storage? Consider recycling some of them into crafts to use as gifts or practical items around your home.

Bowl From Melted Army Men

A hot glue gun lets you glue plastic army men together in the shape of a bowl. The glue gun melts the pieces into shape and allows you to meld the army men together. You can so the same thing with a barrel of monkeys.

Jenga Necklace Rack

Paint Jenga blocks and glue them together to make a necklace holder. Jenga blocks that jut out from the rack hold the necklaces away from your wall.

Slinky Squirrel Feeder

Stretch a metal slinky around a stiff metal macrame ring. Fill the metal spring with whole peanuts as food for squirrels.

Hot Wheels Mirror

Hot glue some Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars to various items around a bedroom to make some classy designs. Glue the wheels to plastic lampshade, the edges of mirrors or on picture frames to make stylistic changes to a room.