Up-cycle Your Old Books With These Great Ideas

Don’t just read books; use them as decor around your home.

Aside from providing hours of reading enjoyment, books also make amazingly versatile decorations. This is especially true of old books with ornate leather or cloth covers. Here’s some of the best home hacks for transforming your home with a literary look while increasing storage and hiding unsightly items from view.

Hide Your Router

While an indispensable part of the modern household, routers are not known for their high aesthetic look. Keep the electronic device out of sight inside the cover of an old book. Simply remove the pages to make space for the router.

Hidden Bookshelf Storage

Create a secret compartment to hide valuables or important documents in plain sight by gluing a row of books together. Once dry, carve out a rectangular space from the back of the books. You can also do this with one single book. Creating a storage compartment by cutting out the middle of the pages of one large book is classic. While in movies it’s often used to conceal a weapon, we just use it to store any small items.

Floating Bookshelf

If you have some books that you’re not looking to get rid of but still want to use as decor without ruining the book, you can create these beautiful floating bookshelves!