3 Ways to Show, And Spread, Gratitude Daily!

Can something as simple as gratitude be beneficial to your health?

Can something as simple as gratitude be beneficial to your health? According to WebMD, it can, as grateful people handle stress more effectively, and their positive nature boosts the immune system. Make gratitude a part of your daily routine with three simple actions that you can do in minutes.

1. Journaling

Entrepreneur recommends that you keep an abundance journal, where you write down a couple positive experiences every day, even if it’s as simple as someone holding the door open when you walked into a store. You can take your journal with you or keep somewhere that you see every day, such as your office or next to your bed. It’s easy to forget good moments if you don’t keep track of them, but writing them down helps you appreciate them more. When you’re feeling down, you can read through your journal to reflect on positive memories.

2. Starting a “No Complaints For 24 Hours” Policy

It’s easy to complain when something doesn’t go your way, but complaining is a negative action that never helps the situation. When you get the urge to complain, take a minute to breathe and change your mindset. If you have a problem, look for a solution instead of dwelling on it.

Avoiding complaints is tougher than it sounds, so take The Muse’s advice and start with a “no complaints for 24 hours” rule. Once you’ve gone a day without complaining, keep trying to extend that time frame.

3. Spreading a Positive Message

Tell people you appreciate them, and thank them for anything they’ve done for you. You can do this in person, by writing a letter, via email or even over social media.

Social media is also a great way to spread a positive message about a business. Leave a positive note to encourage others to use the same service.Showing gratitude is something that’s so simple, yet also so rewarding.