Who Said French Toast Has To Be Sweet, Not Savory? Brunch Just Got Twisted!

5. Sweet Potato, Kale and Feta Muffins

Most breakfast conneseiurs love a good blueberry or apple cinnamon muffin, but savory breakfast fans have a muffin option in sweet potato, kale and feta muffins. The sweet potato, which adds just a little sweetness, and kale compliment the salty feta.

6. Ham and Cheese Waffles

Turn a ham and cheese sandwich into a waffle by adding the meat and cheese to the batter. The waffles themselves can be the perfect vessel for dipping into cheese sauce, or skip the cheese sauce and eat the waffles straight.

7. Grits With Cheese

Some southerners swear by grits with syrup, but grits also have their savory side. Creamy grits with tons of cheese and butter is a Southern staple.

8. Peanut Butter and Sriracha Toast

A savory twist on peanut butter and jelly skips the sweet for spicy. Spread some unsweetened natural peanut butter onto some toast and drop some beads of sriracha, as well as some chopped-up chives.

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