Looking to Save a Few Bucks? Cut Back Your Utility Costs!

Money-Saving Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

6. Cook in Bulk

Spend one day a week making a big batch of food, then portion and refrigerate or freeze leftovers until you need them. This reduces the time that your stove or oven is in use, and helps keep the temperature regulated in the summer.

7. Wash Clothes in Bulk

A normal load of laundry uses a lot of water and heat. Avoid excessive energy use by washing a large load once a week, rather than smaller loads several times throughout the week.

8. Wash in Cold Water

The average load of household laundry isn’t dirty enough to warrant steaming hot water. Try washing in cold water to get clean clothes and a bit of extra pocket change. While you’re at it, you can try changing the temperatures of other appliances—for example, turning up your fridge a degree or two won’t affect your food’s shelf-life, but it might reduce energy costs.

9. Install Low-Flow Water Fixtures

Replace your shower heads, faucets and toilets with low-flow models to save a bundle on water each year.

10. Install Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs and Appliances

Light bulbs and numerous small appliances are available in energy-efficient models. While energy-efficient appliances might be slightly more pricey, it won’t take long to make up for the cost in savings.

11. Repair Leaks or Drafts

A leaky faucet or an improperly sealed window can lead to big added costs on your utility bill. Make sure everything is sealed tight to maximize energy efficiency.