Speed reading has always been a highly coveted skill since the 1950s. Marketers peddled books and cassette tapes that taught speed-reading techniques that promised to change your life. While the jury is still out on the efficacy of these speed-reading systems, this video tests one’s ability to read at various speeds.

Since your ability to move your eyes across the page at the desired speed affects reading speed, the video presents sentences in a stationary format, word by word. This eliminates the need to move your eyes back and forth across the screen, thereby saving time and allowing you (we hope) to read more words in the same amount of time.

How fast can you read? It’s time to find out!

Take the video test below and then be sure to let us know how you scored in the comments! Don’t worry; it’s super easy to find out which category you’re in. Tell us if you were surprised by your score, or if you scored faster or slower than you anticipated! We found this test to be super interesting and now we want to hear how it goes for you!