Pour-over Coffee Is Easy and Tastes Amazing

Liven up Breakfast With Pour-over Coffee

If you are looking to liven up your morning coffee routine, look no further than this video tutorial that shows you how to make pour-over coffee. If you have never made pour-over coffee before, we assure you that it is incredibly easy.

With this style of coffee brewing, all you do is pour boiling water over coffee grounds. This method helps to really extract the flavor from the coffee beans. Even better, the pour-over method leaves a cleaner cup behind because there is no dripped water that becomes fully immersed.

While you do need a pour-over cone, the clean up involved with the pour-over is so much easier than with something like a french press and since you get a more flavorful cup of coffee it is totally worth it! Pour-overs are also great if you are just looking to brew to one cup of coffee at a time. We would even suggest having this set up at your work desk if your office provides poor coffee. (Pun not intended.)