Stay Cool and Get Fit With These Effective Pool Workouts

Take Your Strength Workout to the Pool for the Summer

Stroking on a Kickboard

Sit on a kickboard so that your head is just out of the water, then use your arms only to breaststroke across the pool and back. This exercise targets your arms and chest.

Leg Drops

Hold onto the pool ladder so that your body floats out straight behind your arms, then bend at the waist to bring your legs down to a 90-degree angle.

Bicep Curls

Give your biceps an extra workout by doing underwater bicep curls using pool weights. The resistance of the water makes the exercise even more effective.

Tombstone Kick

Work your glutes by kicking your way across the pool but instead of leaning on a kickboard, hold it vertically, like a tombstone, for added resistance.