Stay Cool and Get Fit With These Effective Pool Workouts

Take Your Strength Workout to the Pool for the Summer

Don’t think that you’re limited to swimming laps when you want to take your summer workout to the pool. With minimal equipment and a little planning, you can also create a rewarding strength workout in the pool. Grab a pool noodle and a kickboard to take advantage of the extra resistance provided by the water, and get ready for some great exercise.


Give your legs and glutes a good workout while your upper body relaxes by propping your elbows on the edge of the pool and bicycling away under the water’s surface.

Side Burpee

To do this slow-motion burpee, start by holding the edge of the pool with one hand. Draw your feet up flat on the pool wall, then jump out into a side plank position, still holding the wall, and repeat.

Plank With a Noodle

Start this exercise for your abs, arms and back by hooking your toes over a rung of your pool’s ladder to hold yourself in place. Grab a pool noodle and push it down, trying to keep it underwater for 30 seconds at a time.

Leg Lifts

Lean back on the edge of the pool, and lift your legs up and down to tone them up.