11 Plant-Based Jewelry Ideas!

Show Your Love of Nature With Living Plants on Jewelry

Jewelry made from plants gives you many ways to express yourself through tasteful art and with materials that come from Mother Nature. Some artists create jewelry that feature tiny plants encapsulated in glass which permanently preserves the plant. Other artisans put plants right on the jewelry for a bolder, in-your-face look. Each piece is truly unique, because no two plants, blossoms, seeds or leaves are ever alike. Celebrate life with these plant-based jewelry designs.

1. Greenhouse Ring

A greenhouse ring looks like it has a plant inside a clear dome in a pot. The plant actually grows inside.

2. Succulent Headband

A succulent headband uses plants as the main attraction with the base underneath.

3. Moss Planter Ring

An Icelandic moss ring lets you grow moss across four of your fingers, while smaller varieties are for one digit.

4. Succulent Bracelet

A succulent bracelet shows off small plants over a bronze-colored wristband. Some bracelets have two or three plants, while others are covered with greenery.

5. Porcelain Planter Necklace

A porcelain planter necklace allows you to grow a plant as you wear it. Clever!