8 Creative Ideas That Make Parenting a Lot More Fun

Enjoy the Daily Grind With These Fun Parenting Tips

Parenting is a lot of things — tiring, stressful, a full time job—but best of all, it can be a lot of fun. Here are a few ways to make parenting a lot more fun for you and the kids.

Dealing With Monsters

Monsters hide under the bed, in closets and behind doors in every home. Fortunately, there is a secret in a bottle to chasing them off. Fill a spray bottle with water and print out a cool label for it. When monsters lurk, go space to space spraying the secret scent that monsters can’t stand.

Hammock Life

This cool trick was on BoredPanda.com to give kids their own space to hang out. Place a full-size sheet under the kitchen table, and then pull the ends up to the top of the table. Use a double knot to secure the sheet in place and provide tension when the child climbs into the hammock. Bonus: your pets will love it too!

Magnetized Cups

Kids love to do things on their own, so glue magnets on the sides of plastic cups and put them on the fridge. Now, when they want a glass of water, they pull off a cup and fill it up themselves.

Reaching the Faucet

When small kids have a hard time reaching the faucet to wash their hands, you need to devise a way to help. Following this idea at ParentSociety.com, cut up a plastic bottle and use it as a sluice to move water closer to where they could reach.