Painting Hacks for a Perfect Paint Job

Giving the inside of your house a fresh coat of paint revitalizes your living space and changes the look of an entire room. Check out these painting hacks to make your redecorating adventure easier.

1. Dust Removal


Remove dust from walls with a handled duster so the dust doesn’t get trapped underneath the layer of paint.

2. Plastic Table Cloth


A large plastic table cloth can protect the floor better than a thin sheet of plastic. A tough table cloth won’t tear and you won’t slip on it after you tape it to the floor.

3. Vinegar


Thoroughly clean brushes with hot vinegar and then warm soapy water. Soak the brushes in vinegar for 30 minutes if you have dried-on paint. Vinegar also softens the bristles.

4. Fabric Softener


Clean brushes with fabric softener to keep the bristles pliable. It also helps dampen the paint smell while avoiding paint thinner.

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