Need Some New Ideas to Keep The Kids Outside This Summer?

8 Outdoor Crafts That Foster a Kid’s Creative Talents

5. Paint Bombs

Paint bombs can go into water balloons or plastic zipper bags. The best part about this craft project is that you can use food coloring.

6. Spray Chalk

Mix corn starch and baking soda with food coloring. Then add this mixture to small spray bottles. The fine powder comes out of the spray bottle easily so your kids can make art on the sidewalk.

7. Balloon Dart Painting

Put liquid tempera paints in water balloons, and then pin them up on an easel in the back yard.

8. Popped Bubble Art

Mix food coloring with bubble soap and watch the fun happen on a white piece of paper when the bubbles pop against it. The designs are never the exact same twice with this kind of craft.