Need Some New Ideas to Keep The Kids Outside This Summer?

8 Outdoor Crafts That Foster a Kid’s Creative Talents

Summertime means flying kites, swimming at the pool, attending outdoor camps, eating plenty of ice cream and attending baseball games. It also means you have to find more things to do with the kids as they are out of school. Try some of these fun things to do outdoors and make some new memories with your kids.

1. Chalk Art With Bicycles and Scooters

A simple attachment to the front or back of bicycle wheels allow you to put a thick piece of chalk against the ground as the bike moves. Your youngster moves forward or backward on the bike to create a chalk trail.

2. Paint Slide

Instead of a water slide in your yard, make a paint slide. Roll out a white sheet and place splotches of paint along the canvas. Have your child slide, walk, run or roll on the sheet to make designs. Let it dry and then hang the sheet up in a kid’s bedroom.

3. Salt Art

Buddhists create elaborate sand art sculptures, and your family can do the same with colored salt. All you need is some ordinary table salt, some food coloring and plastic squirt bottles that distribute the salt along the ground. Create extraordinary designs on your sidewalk until the wind or rain removes them. Take lots of pictures to preserve the work and your fond memories.

4. Swing Painting

Give your kids paint brushes and tempera paints. Place a large piece of cardboard on the ground underneath a swing, and let them have at the cardboard.