Get rid of those boring old lamp shades and spruce up your living space with some do-it-yourself makeovers. All you need is some fabric, glue and creativity and you can have a brand-new look in less than an hour.

Floral Pattern

Add fabric with a floral pattern around a metal lamp shade frame for a colorful addition to your table lamp.

Instagram Photos

Print your favorite Instagram photos to photo-quality paper and then paste them to a plain white lamp shade for a cute accent in your baby’s room. This craft makes memories into a great keepsake!


Two colored ribbons form a crisscross pattern diagonally along a lamp shade to add a splash of color to a corner. You don’t even need to sew the ribbons—just cut and glue.

City Scape

Draw a city scape on a piece of paper with a thin pen or permanent marker. Pin this piece of paper to a lamp shade and then poke holes to make the outline of the city scape directly into the fabric. This works best with dark lamp shades to let the light shine through. Add plenty of stars in the sky over the city to let out even more light.

Silk Flowers

Hot glue silk flowers around a white lamp shade for a realistic touch of nature.


Stretch a burlap sack around a lamp shade frame for a rustic feel. The slight scent of the burlap also comes into play with this lamp.


A peek-a-boo lamp shade has a stencil pattern on the outside and then something magically appears within the stencil when the light bulb illuminates. The trick lies in the hidden image stuck to the inside of the lamp shade.

Spray Paint

Overlay lace onto an ordinary lamp shade and then spray paint over the pattern. The reverse pattern of the lace stays on the lamp shade when you remove the lace to leave a lasting pattern.