Learn How to Create Trendy Lace-Up Flats That Look Incredible

These Trendy DIY Lace-Up Flats Look Like High-End Footwear

View this video and learn how to breath new life into your old shoes, or give your current pair a trendy new look. Enhancing your old shoes lets you cheaply sample trendy styles. Customizing your shoes lets you inject your personality into the footwear. Furthermore, you get to wear trendy shoes without spending a lot of money at a boutique store for shoes that could go out of style relatively soon.

Modifying your current pair of shoes requires using fabric; however, you can often find supplies at home. Enhancing shoes don’t require much fabric, so you can dig into your sewing supplies and find what you need, or visit a craft store and walk out without spending much cash. Many of the tools that you need to work on the shoes, such as scissors, glue and ribbons, are available in your home saving you a trip to the store. The process of modifying your shoes is really simple, but this video goes into more detail and shows you exactly how to do it step-by-step, so the project is easy and more fun to complete.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo3ljLh3qok