Long Car Ride With Kids? Here’s How to Save Your Sanity

These Road Trip Hacks Make Traveling With Kids Easier

Summer vacations offer families a time to get away from ordinary life with road trips to far-off destinations. If you don’t mind driving several hours with young kids, your family can share fun times and create lasting memories. Keep the kids occupied with these easy backseat travel hacks.

Map Tracker

Also known as an ‘are we there yet?’ tracker, attach a map or road atlas to the back of the front seats so kids can point to exactly where the car is on the map. You can do this with mobile devices, too. Have your kids mark prominent places on the map to show where the car goes.

Car Ride Presents

Have your kids unrap boxes that have activities, toys and games inside as car ride presents. It’s like Christmas in summer!

Travel Bag Surprises

Your kids can make awesome travel bags before departing. Fill these bags with their favorite things, activities and games for them to pull out along the way.

Travel Trays

Metal travel trays are great for playing magnetic games such as checkers or tic tac toe. Trays also serve as table tops for snacks.