This Heart-Shaped Potholder Is the Perfect Kitchen Accessory for Anyone Who Loves to Bake

Get Crafting with This Easy-To-Make Quilted Potholder for the Heart of the Home

We are always looking for projects to bring even more love into our kitchen. Sure we get to pour our heart and soul into the food we make for those we care about, but if we’re going to spend so much time slaving over the stove, then we want a bit of our favorite hobby to be a part of it as well.

Add a little love to your kitchen with this easy-to-make heart-shaped potholder. With easy-to-follow video demonstrations and accompanying text instructions, this step-by-step video tutorial shows you everything you need to create this charming and whimsical quilted craft. Choose any combination of colors and fabrics for a unique potholder that is customized to suit your kitchen’s decor.

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