Stop Overspending On Groceries With These Simple Tips!


Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Americans throw away about 25 percent of the food they buy, and an unorganized kitchen is part of the problem. Keep your pantry and refrigerator organized so that you can always see what you have available, and try to regularly rotate out older items.

Go Big or Go Home—At Least When Meat Is Involved

Meat is expensive, but often you can save money by buying a larger cut, and most stores are willing to trim it for you for free. You can then freeze the additional meat for future meals.

Break Out Your Headphones

Stores are designed to encourage you to linger, which in turn makes you buy more. Their slow, relaxing music is part of this strategy. Counteract it by wearing your headphones and listening to fast, upbeat music.

Dry Off Those Veggies

Water can add a significant amount of weight to vegetables, especially lighter ones, such as leafy greens. Make sure to shake off as much as you can before you bag them.

Remember That Advertisements Can Be Misleading

Some stores [advertise full-price items] as if they were on sale, causing some shoppers to stock up on more expensive items. Sales can also be misleading, such as offering items that normally cost less than a dollar under a “10 for $10” promotion. Keep an eye out for advertising tricks.

Keep Your Bread Fresh Longer

Bakery bread is often packaged in brown paper bags, but it can go stale faster that way. When you get home, place it in a sealed plastic bag to lock in that freshness.

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