Are Your Groceries Still Fresh? Here Are Some Easy Ways To Tell

Are Your Foods Still Fresh? Test With These Simple Techniques

Knowing when your food goes bad or spoils helps you shop more efficiently and with less waste. Check out these easy ways to determine if common foods in your kitchen are beyond their shelf life or still good to eat.


If you have eggs past their expiration date, they still might be good enough to eat. Fill a large bowl with water and place eggs into the bowl. If the eggs sink to the bottom or stand upright on the bottom, they’re good. When the eggs float to the top, it’s garbage time.


Milk is good up to seven days past its expiration date. Check for bad odors, discoloration or a change in texture to determine any spoilage. Instead of smelling milk directly from the carton, it’s best to pour a small amount into a glass. Otherwise, you’ll likely just smell the dried milk at the edge of the spout.


Cook thawed chicken no more than two days after it has been in the refrigerator.


Examine a small pat of butter to determine its freshness. If the inside of the butter is lighter than the outside, then the outer layer has oxidized and it’s no longer fresh.