Quilting 101: 8 Tips for First-Time Quilters

Start Out Small With These Tips for Beginning Quilters

As with any new hobby, getting started is the hardest part. Quilting is no different, especially since sewing a huge blanket may seem daunting at first. With the right tools, attitude and teacher, you can learn the beginning steps to quilting before mastering your chosen art form. Here are some tips for first-time quilters.

1. Start Small

Quilt together a small project such as a pillow case or a baby-sized throw, instead of going all-out with a huge cover. This way you get the feel for patterns, cutting and sewing before moving on to larger pieces.

2. Work With Simple Designs

Simple designs are easier to put together. Try this with patterns that have straight lines and squares so you get the hang of putting pieces of cloth together before graduating to more complicated joins.

3. Put Together Large Pieces

Large pieces mean your quilt is done faster. There’s nothing like a sense of accomplishment and instant gratification when you’re starting something new.

4. Sew Easy Geometric Shapes

Squares and rectangles are the easiest geometric shapes for quilters to use. Move on to triangles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons later. When you get really crafty, circles are lots of fun.