6 Proven Ways to Eliminate Bloating

Finally eliminate bloating with these tips!

One out of 10 Americans suffers from regular stomach bloating, reports WebMD. For the other nine, bloating mainly occurs after eating large meals or certain foods. Whichever category you fall in, it’s important to know how to combat it. This video provides six ways to minimize your chances of a swollen stomach the next time you eat.

One of the primary causes of bloating is eating oversize portions, so reducing your meal size is one of the easiest ways to combat bloating. If need be, add in an extra meal later to make up for lost calories. High amounts of sodium in your food can also contribute to bloating. Combining foods high in potassium, such as melons, with smaller amounts of sodium in your diet can help reduce bloating. In addition, always keep hydrated. A lack of water in your body results in all sorts of side-effects, including bloating.

Check out the video for all six tips!.