No One Will Believe THAT Came From The Dollar Store When You’re Done With It

10 Ways to Turn Dollar Store Buys Into Fantastic Home Decorations

6. Photo Holders

Spray paint plastic candle holders the same color as your picture frames so they serve as an upright photo holder.

7. Decorative Trays

Plastic serving trays become wall hangings when you paint over them and cover them with stickers.

8. Bookends

Glue two plastic animal toys to a piece of wood. Then paint the animals and the wood the same color for styles, one-of-a-kind bookends.

9. Floral-Inspired Mirror

Remove the handles of several dozen plastic spoons. Glue these pieces, in concentric rows and circles, to the front of a round piece of cardboard with the middle cut out. Spray paint the petals of the flower, let them dry and attach a mirror to the back of the cardboard for a cute floral mirror that adds a touch of spring to your bathroom or bedroom.

10. Serving Tray

Paint an old picture frame and use an old placement or other fun printed paper as the “picture” to create a stylish serving tray to sit on your living room coffee table.