5. Lace Doilies

Add a lace sample to the outside of the paper, or just use lace doilies as a stencil for some watercolor paints.

6. Polka Dots

A pencil eraser makes a great polka dot stamp in any color. Dip the eraser in Kool-Aid or watercolor paint and add dots to the envelope or the card itself.

7. Vegetable Stamps

Fruits and vegetables combined with printing ink make fantastic designs on paper. Consider a cut lemon pattern for a round, wheel-like shape, or cut off the head of a raddichio, or Italian chicory, to create a flower-like pattern.

8. Shaving Cream

Mix shaving cream with paint and swirl it around to make a marbled pattern. A little shaving cream goes a long way, so make sure you get the foamy variety that soaks up a lot of color on the end of your paintbrush.