Need New Coasters? Check Out These DIY Options That Are Fun to Make

6. Scrabble Tiles

Scrabble Pieces

Glue 16 Scrabble tiles in a square pattern to a piece of corkboard or wood. Personalize these coasters by spelling out words or phrases.

7. Marble Clay

Paint clay in different colors of glaze to make a beautiful marbled pattern. When you bake the clay, the glazed pattern becomes permanent.

8. Nautical Knot

Weave white ropes together to make a nautical knot that impresses landlubbers and scurvy sea dogs alike.

9. Woven Rug


Create a woven rug pattern out of various pieces of string or yarn. The intricate pattern holds its shape when it gets wet.

10. Wine Corks

Use hot glue to attach several together in a square pattern to form absorbent and decorative coasters. Use these for dinner parties when you serve wine.

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