Coasters protect your tables from those annoying rings of condensation that your drinking glasses leave behind. Coasters can also present an artistic opportunity if you have a few hours on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Try some of these crafty ideas to make tasteful coasters out of ordinary items.

1. Ceramic Tile

Individual ceramic tiles cost less than $1 each at the hardware store. All you need is the right paint, and you have a nifty way to keep water off your table.

2. Mason Jar Lids

Flip Mason jar lids upside-down and glue a form-fitting piece of corkboard to the inside. These are lightweight and sturdy.

3. Citrus Felt

Glue or sew orange, green and yellow pieces of felt on top of each other to depict a slice of oranges, limes or lemons. These round coasters absorb liquid easily. If you want to make them stiff, overlay the felt on corkboard.

4. Painted Corkboard

Paint squares or circles of corkboard in whatever pattern you want. Consider smiley faces, animals, stripes, geometric shapes or a theme that matches the room’s decorating style.

5. Resin

Clear resin paperweights make great coasters because they are sturdy. The best part is that you can put whatever small objects into the resin you want, such as bits of crayons, sprinkles, buttons or shiny glitter.